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EU Referendum result - Response and Advice for businesses

With the result announced that the country has voted to leave the EU, Devon Chamber of Commerce and British Chambers of Commerce have released the below responses. On this page you will find the Chamber's response, details of how you can share your views, concerns and feedback and advice from sector specific organisations in response to the Leave result. 

The Chamber will be hosting a number of events across the county in the coming weeks to discuss what leaving the EU could mean for the South West. See our Events Calendar here for more details and to book to attend.

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Devon Chamber of Commerce Reaction to EU Referendum result:

George Cowcher at Devon Chamber of Commerce commented on the result of the EU Referendum vote: “Now that the vote has been confirmed, and the people of the UK have voted to leave the EU it is important that the Government provides a clear plan of action for the leaving process. Businesses are in need of stability and reassurance, without arguments or in fighting within political parties of how the leave process should be handled.

Stability and clarity will be of utmost importance in order to prevent any further damage to the UK economy caused by the uncertainty leading up to the EU Referendum vote. Of particular importance should be a focus on ensuring stability for the money markets, particularly relating to the strength of the British Pound, and in interest rates. The Government needs to take these factors into consideration to ensure that the leaving process does not send the UK economy into a downward dip.

The Chamber will be hosting a number of events across the county to discuss the EU impact and the consequences businesses face on leaving the EU, the first of which will be held on Wednesday 6th July, to further lobby for necessary actions to be taken to support the business community. It is of the best interests for the whole of the UK that business is supported throughout this process to ensure that the growth having been seen in previous quarters continues to pull the UK fully out of the recession it has faced for a number of years.

This is a very sensitive time for all businesses and the Chamber is keen to hear from anyone who has particular concerns surrounding the EU referendum result so that these issues can be raised by the Chamber with Government”

BCC Reaction to EU Referendum result:

Dr Adam Marshall, BCC Acting Director General, said:

"In the wake of the electorate's historic decision to leave the European Union, the immediate priorities for UK business are market stability and political clarity.

"Some businesspeople will be pleased with the result, and others resigned to it. Yet all companies will expect swift, decisive, and coordinated action from the government and the Bank of England to stabilise markets if trading conditions or the availability of capital change dramatically.

"Firms across the UK want an immediate and unambiguous statement from the Prime Minister on next steps, along with a clear timeline for the UK's exit from the European Union.

"Business will also want to see a detailed plan to support the economy during the coming transition period - as confidence, investment, hiring and growth would all be deeply affected by a prolonged period of uncertainty. If ever there were a time to ditch the straight-jacket of fiscal rules for investment in a better business infrastructure, this is it.

"Businesses need action to maintain economic stability, a timeline for exit, and answers to their many practical, real-world questions about doing business during and after this historic transition.

"Firms want help to get Britain back to business at a time of great uncertainty. The health of the economy must be the number one priority – not the Westminster political post-mortem.”

Advice & Guidance for Businesses

Share your feedback and Concerns

Do you have concerns or feedback about leaving the EU and the impact that it could have on your business? Devon Chamber is looking to gather feedback from members across the county to inform its lobbying calls to Government.

To share your feedback please contact Chamber Membership Manager, Verity French on 01752 273892 or email her here.

The Chamber will be hosting a number of events across the county in the coming weeks to discuss what leaving the EU could mean for the South West. See our Events Calendar here for more details and to book to attend.


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