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How to Pay Online

Members can now pay for membership renewals, events and training bookings online.

To renew Chamber membership online you will need to log in to the members area of the Chamber website. If your membership payment is due, you will see a reminder along with a 'pay now' button to take you through the quick and easy payment process.

Please see below a run through of how to pay for events/training and renewing your membership.


1. When you go to book through our website you will now be presented with two options below, after you click register for this event.


2. To pay online you must click the buy now button, this payment option takes all cards excluding American Express. When you click buy now you will see the following message;


3. The next page will display your name, the amount you are paying (includes VAT automatically) and after this put in your card details and receive a printable copy of your purchase. A copy will also be emailed to the Chamber team.

Membership Renewals

1. If you would like to renew your membership and pay online visit the Chamber home page and click member login on the top right hand corner.



2. Login details are made for every member and would usually be the person we have put down as the main contact. Your username will always be the email address you signed up with and your password is randomly generated and sent through our system VIA

If you don’t have your password please click on the ‘forgotten password?’ link which will resend the password to you. If you cannot remember the full login details or unsure on who the main contact is they can click ‘forgotten details?’ and that will email the Chamber team to help you.

3. After you login you will see the main page. If your membership is due for renewal and not yet paid there will be an option to pay online at the right hand bottom corner.


 4. Membership renewals work exactly same as events/training payments, please view steps 2 & 3 under Event/training payments for more information.



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