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Find out more about what our widened geographic representation means for how we work and represent businesses in Devon.

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Devon Accreditation: What does it mean for you?

Q. I'm a Plymouth based business who's currently a member, what does this mean for me?
A. As a current member of Devon Chamber, this won’t mean any initial changes to your membership and our resource and focus will not diminish. In fact the enlarged accredited geography should, over time, provide enhanced networking and events opportunities, for the benefit of our business membership. Additionally, we are excited to be able to formalise our broader county reach and aspirations and our aim is to build stronger collaborative relationships with our fellow Chambers of Commerce and business support organisations throughout the region. Ultimately this will provide more opportunities for your business to gain exposure across Devon as a whole and enable regional networking events to further your contacts and growth. Through this wider representation we hope to greatly enhance the “one voice” lobbying power of the third largest county in England.
Q. I’m a company with offices across the region. My Plymouth office is a member, does this mean that my other offices in Devon are automatically members of Plymouth & Devon Chamber?
A. Our membership bandings are based on employee numbers. If you’re current membership banding covers the total number of employees for your offices across Devon then yes, your other offices will be members of Devon Chamber. If not, and you would like to increase your membership to cover your other office locations please give Verity, our Membership Manager a call on 01752 273892 and we’ll be able to help you upgrade.
Q. I’m a Devon based business and member of another Chamber, what does this mean for me?
A. As a Devon based business and member of another Chamber this change means that we will be looking to work closer with your Chamber of Commerce, to provide information and lobbying support to improve business conditions for the whole county. Our aim is to build relationships throughout the Devon region and over time, host a range of regional events to enable you to network with a larger pool of businesses, and ensure that your voice and opinions are represented within key channels, such as the BCC’s Quarterly Economic Survey. If you also choose to join Plymouth and Devon accredited Chamber, you will have access to a wider range of accredited Chamber offerings.
Q. What impact will this have on the day to day running of the Chamber?
A. The service that members receive will remain the same. Our members will remain our priority and we will ensure that our provision of events, training, project management, business support and lobbying is consistent with the high quality which our members and partners expect.
Q. What impact will this have on the outputs of the Chamber (events, training, project delivery etc.)?
A. As our relationships with regional partners develop our outputs will change to reflect our Devon wide representational reach. This means over time, that our events, training and project management delivery, will encompass Devon as a whole. We will look to offer a range of regional events, via our partnerships with other Chambers and members who have multiple offices across Devon, as well as ensuring our communications are shared with businesses across the whole of the county.
Q. How will you represent Devon as a Chamber?
A. Our aim with this extended accredited territory representation, is to build stronger relationships with our fellow Chambers of Commerce and business support organisations throughout the region, establishing positive collaborative partnerships, to provide sustainable business support and lobbying for the Devon business community. Over the coming months we will be working alongside Chambers in the region to develop these relationships and reach out to businesses across Devon to provide the ‘one voice’ lobbying that has been missing within the BCC network. This will involve lobbying representation and collating business views for the region as a whole through vehicles such as regional events and BCC’s Quarterly Economic Survey. While Plymouth remains a critical component of our ongoing activities, we are now excited to be able to realise our broader county reach and aspirations. As the accredited BCC Chamber for Devon, in partnership with our fellow Devon Chambers, we hope to greatly enhance the voice of businesses through ‘one voice’ lobbying representation, within the third largest county in England.
Q. Will this mean that membership prices will rise or bandings change?
A. No. This accreditation process will not have a direct impact on current membership prices.
Q. As a current member will the service I receive from the Chamber lessen with a wider focus?
A. No. As a member of the Chamber the service and focus you receive will not lessen. In fact the enlarged accredited geography should, over time, provide enhanced networking and events opportunities, for the benefit of our business membership. We aim to provide wider representation for the region without losing our reputation for service delivery. We’ll do this by working alongside our partners and ensuring that ourgrowth is carefully planned and time-phased, in order to ensure that our members receive the high level of service that they have come to expect.
Q. I’m another Chamber in Devon, how will you work with me?
A. Our aim for Devon accreditation is to work with our fellow Chambers across Devon. We hope to build relationships with Chambers across the County through regular communication updates and round table discussions to ensure that the views of your members are represented in our lobbying activities, to provide the much needed ‘one voice’ lobbying approach for Devon that BCC has been missing. We hope to do this through regional events, encouraging participation in the Quarterly Economic Survey to represent the economic climate of the entire Devon region and through wider communication of lobbying issues to your members and other businesses throughout Devon. As a long term strategic plan, this approach is designed to be collaborative, and we would be delighted if Devon Chambers would consider joining us as an affiliate member.
Q. I’m based in Cornwall and a Chamber member, what does this mean for me?
A. The benefits and services that you receive as a member will not be impacted. We will continue to welcome involvement from businesses in Cornwall as we develop our regional representation. As our representation grows you will have the opportunity to benefit from wider Devon awareness and opportunities to network with a wider pool of business contacts, supporting your business growth.
Q. My business is based in Rural Devon, how will you support me?
A. Through the development of partnerships with non-accredited Chambers of Commerce in Devon, business support organisations and local authorities we aim to provide you with a voice within our lobbying activities and provide you with opportunities to join the Chamber, if this is of interest, or attend one of our partner networking events throughout the county.


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